1) Relationship Counseling

2) Expat services

3) Development & Coaching

1) Relationship issues are universal and unavoidable where two or more people live together closely and intimately. Many problems can be solved with creativity and resources: a partner, family or good friends.

However, there may be times when you want to invite a professional to get involved and travel with you through a personal and emotional episode. E.g. when you feel stuck and out of options, or when it seems there are only negative emotions left to feel. When your relationship seems to spiral downward and you don’t see how to turn it around, do not wait: take action.

Oftentimes, positive connections can be restored. You can contact me for issues on communication, depression, anxiety, intimacy & sexuality, extra marital affairs, struggles with addiction and balancing personal & professional life.

2) Having traveled and worked in different countries and continents for many years, I know the highs and lows of international family life. When the network from home is not available and we need to ‘reinvent’ ourselves culturally, socially and professionally, unexpected issues and emotions can surface which may be quite overwhelming.

You’re welcome to contact me if there are any problems with culture shock, cross cultural issues in the marriage or with the environment, struggles with anxiety and depression, adjustment issues with (one of) the kids or on your search for new purpose and direction in a different country.

3) As a business psychologist, I am available for managers to explore personal development opportunities in the workplace, set goals and support the implementation of a development plan.

Supported by assessment instruments and questionnaires, we map a personal profile and pinpoint strengths and potential. Focus is on achieving optimal contribution in your professional environment, optimizing your potential and motivating others to use theirs. Team sessions and –assessments can be arranged, as well as personal coaching trajectories.